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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Behind the Scenes: War Unit

Production continues as we race the spring to wrap the War Unit.  As we get closer to completion we turn our attention towards planning and scheduling the Summer Unit and beginning the long process of Post Production.

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Wait For Me: Production Begins

After months of prep and planning I am finally back out there, behind the camera, working on my new short film! It’s been a goal of mine for several years now to get back into directing, and it’s with this big leap I am happy to say it is finally happening.

Of course, the project is nothing short of ambitious. It’s a Word War II short that I like to describe as a visual poem. ¬†Production began in late March, and will run on and off through May. All the while working on intense post production with an aim for a summer release.

Check back regularly for more Behind The Scenes updates on Wait For Me.

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The Year of Doing

Welcome to my new blog! 2014 projects to be a busy and exciting year. You can look forward to a new freshly designed website, courtesy of the talented Chris Sibley, a couple of short films and a new VFX demo reel. Most of it is all in motion already so check back regularly for behind the scenes info and inspiration.

2014 is the year to make things happen. Set your goals and work towards them each day. Follow my journey here.


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