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It’s been a while since I posted an update on Wait For Me, but we are finally on the last leg. The other week we did some ADR where the actors recorded various takes of lines, heavy breathing, grunts and yells. This will then be mixed when we start sound design in the next week as we start to put the final touches on the film.


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Focus….on that tiny pixel in the luxury box

Focus” starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie comes out today! I had a great time working on this film with a really fun and talented team. We shot ourselves on the roof of Method Studios and inserted us into the luxury boxes during the super bowl sequence so keep an eye out!

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Explosion Simulations

For shots with dynamic camera moves, it is best to have a full CG explosion. That way it has volume in an actual 3D space to accommodate perspective and parallax change. To achieve this, I am simulating explosions using Maya fluids.

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Working closely with environment artist Jacob Norris to create a muddy ground plane that  matches the terrain shot on location.

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Demo Reel 2014

I try to put one of these out every other summer, and I apologize for being a bit behind. Nevertheless, here is some work I’ve done  the past couple years on Man of Steel, Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Secret Life or Walter Mitty and Winter’s Tale. Enjoy!

Watch my 2014 demo reel here!

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I’m excited to say I am now working for ILM! I’ve dreamed of working for them since I was 15 and am very grateful for the opportunity to get to work with some of the best VFX artists in the world on some upcoming blockbusters.

Unfortunately, balancing a new work load while working on my personal film will slow things down, and the expected completion date will be pushed back to next year. I will still continue to post updates as I get a little farther along.

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Rigging a Tank

Building a rig to control the guns and treads to add a bit of life to the CG set.

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Reshoots For The Win!

Finally winding down the spread out production with a handful of reshoots and scene inserts. Working with these guys will be missed!

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Behind The Scenes: 1941 Throwback

It was a lot of fun to jump back in time and shoot on a vintage subway car. Special thanks to all the extras who made it out. Looking forward to editing it all together!

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Building a Battlefield, Rock by Rock

Creating a CG (computer generated) battlefield takes a lot of work and attention to detail, down to the last rock.

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