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Basic Grading & FX

In order to get the cold, hazy, winter look I envisioned, this is the basic process these shots go through.

  • Above we have our original plate that was shot on Red Epic.
  • The FG elements are then roto’d, which allows us to create a black and white matte.
  • The matte is used to place objects behind it such as a smoke plume.
  • Additional snow particles and muzzle flashes are added.
  • The final grade is applied to the entire comp.
  • Lastly, the shot is rendered out, which is essentially exporting it into one complete file.

Then, repeat for the next 100 shots….


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Behind the Scenes: Summer Unit

Alas, the summer unit has begun filming! A much different experience than the cold rainy days of the War Unit. Can’t wait to get back out there next month to wrap the entire show.

Check back for some post production posts coming soon!

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Website Live!

The full newly designed site has been launched! A very big thank you to Chris Sibley for all the hard work creating it.

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Wrapped: FOCUS

After several months of compositing work at Method Studios, we have wrapped on Focus. Starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie, Focus will be released in February of 2015.

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Peace Not War

The first rough edit was completed today! Granted, there are a lot of place holders as we still have a whole unit to shoot. I am very excited to see it start to take form and watch my vision transpire onto the screen.  We are looking to shoot the “Summer Unit” within the coming months so stay posted for some more behind the scenes updates as well as some insights from the editing room.

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The Year of Doing

Welcome to my new blog! 2014 projects to be a busy and exciting year. You can look forward to a new freshly designed website, courtesy of the talented Chris Sibley, a couple of short films and a new VFX demo reel. Most of it is all in motion already so check back regularly for behind the scenes info and inspiration.

2014 is the year to make things happen. Set your goals and work towards them each day. Follow my journey here.


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